No Rest for the Wicked

It's Latin to Me

Alex begins to examine people’s blood to perform more extensive first aid on the injured. Alister and Jenny have sex post-fight; B objects to the noise the two lovers make. Despite Angel’s successes in the fight, Angel discovered his magic was not as effective as he thought it would be. Angel remembers the words of the man in his dreams, and his suggestion that Angel seek his true name, so Angel calls home.

Vincent was reading the Bible backwards, to which Alister responds by saying that Vincent is freaking everyone out. Alister then adds that Vincent smells good. Vincent sneaks away. Eli urges Alister to fuck Vincent, and Alister goes outside to smoke.

Angel’s mom and dad are safe in the protected zone. Angel asks his mom if he has a different or “true” name. She then confesses that Angel was adopted: his true mother is named Julie Sinclair. Angel calls his lawyer. The firm has still not found the identity of the man who left the two chapters of Revelations in Angel’s safety deposit box. Angel has them switch gears; he has them search for Julie Sinclair, who had been in Portland, Oregon, 28 years ago.

On the way to the church run by Father Mahoney, Vincent asks for a run-down of what the group has been up to. He gets a summary from most of the group. Vincent complains that their search for the letters is crazy. Angel defends Vincent because Vincent has been out a long time and may need time to acclamate to his new surroundings.

The group arrives at Father Mahoney’s church, All Saints Catholic Church. There are a few zombies shambling in the yard. A blond priest invites them into the church and gets Father Mahoney for them. Mahoney demands to know what they’re doing traveling through the wilderness. He says churches are no longer safe, although they had been in the past. Sol asks for the letter, which Mahoney has in a glass case, protected for two millennia.

Alex begins to examine the letter. Mahoney’s faith had been waning, but the group’s arrival revives it. Johann, the blond priest, cooks for the group. During small talk, Alex suggests that Johann is a demon, since he was the last refugee the church took in before the church lost its holy protection. Alister suggests that Cassidy killed Vincent and is now playing his part. Angel is intrigued by the first suggestion but skeptical of the second. Angel interrogates but finds no reason to distrust him.

Alex tries to translate the letter, which is in Latin. Turns out, Alex doesn’t know Latin, so he uses Babelfish to translate the letter. The attempt is unsuccessful, but they are now hours away from All Saints. The group therefore decides to head to the small town in South Carolina where Alister’s church is: Smyrna. The drive to Smyrna takes 15 hours.

Alister wonders why it is that the churches are losing their protection. There are a number of competing theories as to the cause. Alex attempts to scry for Cassidy with Cassidy’s candy. Meanwhile, Jenny tries to figure out what everyone’s talking about. Vincent tells all, including about Eli, to Alister’s chagrin. Sol recommends that Alister come clean. Alister describes Eli as a spirit of God, which makes Vincent and Sol crack up.

Alex’s scry spell only creates a mirror into the van. Angel tries searching through Alex’s mind to find Cassidy, but to no avail. Alister sniffs Vincent again, and Vincent quickly says that he has to pee. Sol stops the car, and Angel suggests that Alex scry for Cassidy while Vincent is away. Alex’s spell fails. Vincent calls Alister out for sniffing and staring at him.

Alister admits that he and Eli want to eat Vincent because Vincent looks like a ghost. He apologizes for his urges. Angel offers to help as best he can but defends Alister’s ability to keep himself in check. Vincent demands to sit shotgun and that Alister sit in the back seat before he agrees to return to the car.

Before Sol switches out with someone else, the group has to decide whether to continue driving or to stop and break for the night. Angel suggests that they should keep driving, but many in the group want a bed. Jenny suggests that she wants a shower, and Angel realizes he wants to be clean too. They decide to stop at a roadside motel for the night.

3 xp awarded.



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