Alister Duncan

Ex-cop turned PI, quick to temper Geist.


Real Name: Alister Duncan
Age: Early Thirties
Former Occupation: Private Investigator, Detective
Convicted of Murder
Cell: C14
Prisoner Number: 877421

Former cop turned private detective after a case gone bad. While searching for a murderer, he found a little boy and shot him in the face. When questioned, he explained that he knew the boy was responsible. There was just something wrong with him. He was given the option to quit the force or get fired and he chose to quit.

He became a P.I. and found himself doing the same old “my spouse is cheating on me” kinds of cases. One day, he got a call that sounded pretty much just like the others. A woman called and talked about her husband. She asked him to meet her at her home and, even though it wasn’t his usual style, she pleaded with him until he relented. When he got to her house, it was dark but unlocked. He got upstairs and found the body of a man. Moments later, he was surrounded by cops. He found himself convicted of the murder of Paul Grerson. Despite all evidence to the contrary.

Alister hates everyone. Angel, he hates slightly less and has a bit of respect for. Most everyone else just gets in his way. More than the others, he distrusts Cassidy. He is confident and aggressive, sometimes like he’s got something to prove. He was the first to have sex with Cherryand subsequently got ghonerrea from her.

He used to have connections with the guards, but after killing a guard and making it look like himself, most of the staff seem to have stopped seeing him at all. He even lost his job in the mailroom and, thus, access to his cigarettes.

While in Solitary, he was attacked by the guards and presumambly killed. He came back to life with a guest in his head, Eli, who has a tendency to soundtrack Alister’s life and insists that Alister can’t die anymore.

Alister Duncan

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